Channeled Telematics

by Xgenasys

Provides Cryptic Communications through one or more Sub-Navigational System (SubNavSys) consisting of various Subhub-Class and Vector-Class Devices, transmitting and receiving secure computerized Vehicular Navigational Data™ through one or more iNavCom Centers transmitted by Encrypted Data Push to one or more iNavX2 each inter-connected within one or more Obvipro’s (on-board processors), pAvics (Portable Avics) and or other certified ecomm-devices providing shared Business Telematic Intelligence  to one or more certified tribal entities, such as: auto manufactures, insurance carriers, legal sectors, local, state and federal DOT agencies; wherein original datas Creation Inception Point records are archived in a non-shared encrypted repository, purposely to protect data integrity in the event of future recall; wherein each device transmitting incorporates a construct NuClex Operating System (NOS) equipped with one or more iChipsets and or iChipsetx, in direct communication from a hierarchy of Registered Encrypted Data Communication Devices (edcomdevice) each Link-Syncd and Authenticated, within the boundary of one or more Domain Networked Infrastructures in Secure Point Communication with Xgenasys (System) transmitting displayed traffic signage tVectorNodes of mapped land surfaces, reality further viewed by  Telematic Virtual Architecture  interface known as tVArc (further known as TVA).

FIRST USE: 20150323. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20160219

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